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Essay writing is definitely part of every student's life at school. Being a crucial entity in determining grades, essay writing poses a great challenge, especially to those who may not be well-versed in various essay writing techniques. There are many types of essays, including but not limited to argumentative essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays and Persuasive Essay Writing. These different types of essays require different writing styles that may be a stumbling block to those unfamiliar to them. A persuasive essay, in particular, requires deep research and well-thought arguments as it relies on facts alone to convince the reader to subscribe to an idea or undertake a said action. That is why Academiabuilder comes to save the day! You no longer have to be stressed with your essays. Isn’t it exciting? I bet it is!

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Persuasive essays aim at convincing its readers to believe or consider a particular opinion or an idea, or to do a particular action. To write a persuasive essay, you select aside and bring out arguments to convince the readers with the facts in your words. An example of a persuasive essay topic is: The rich ought to give food to the poor. These writings require intensive research on a particular topic and a good understanding of the said subject. It is the writer's job to show why their opinion is right and why the opposing view is not right. The more reason why Academiabuilder brings in their most trusted and excellent professional writers to share your portion of baggage by doing your persuasive essay writing.

What are the Components of a Persuasive Essay?

1. Introduction: This is where you introduce the subject and reveal your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the most crucial part of your introduction and must be very concise and clear to state your perspective. Ensure to captivate your reader to want to proceed reading your essay.

2. Body: this is where you get to declare your facts and use arguments to prove your thesis and disprove the opposing side. Of importance, you should remember to bring out the elements of a good persuasive essay such as:

Logos: it should appeal to logic and reason. It implies that you have to express thoughts using facts and logically present them.

Ethos: your arguments should appeal to ethics. You ought to convince the reader that you are correct even from an ethical viewpoint.

Pathos: This entails the appeal of the reader's emotions such as sadness, anger, sympathy etc.

3.Conclusion: this is where you bring all the facts into a logical conclusion. It is advisable to restate the key arguments and illustrate how they prove your thesis statement.


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As a student, you are likely to come across assignments on Persuasive Essay Writing in your junior years or senior classes in school. Most students get anxious and panic, probably because they are not familiar with them or are already overwhelmed by other school work. This is mainly because so much mental work is required, and not all students can handle the pressure. This is the reason you need assistance from a professional persuasive writer.

Writing an excellent Persuasive essay requires deep research, drafting the structure on paper and eventually putting down the essay. This process requires time and a high level of skills in writing. Sadly, writing a persuasive essay has never been any easier. Therefore, at Academicbuilder, we come in to assist you in writing excellent essays anytime you need them at your convenience!

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