How To Prepare Slide Presentation

How To Prepare Slide Presentation

Good Study Habits

Presentations are part of learning. I remember when I was a student ,some years back, how I could feel frustrated when preparing class presentations. Maybe, you are undergoing the same situation now, and you are looking for the place to find some tips.

You are in the right place, you’re welcome;) Whether you are in college ,high school, or university, you will find this post useful . What do you do to present like a pro? Quick to the tips ,no time wastage!

  • Make 1-2 slides an outline for your presentation. The outline is a very important section of your presentation.

  • Outline comes after the cover page, which bears your name, institutional affiliation, and topic

Slide Structure

Under this, you need to know a few things. First ,the better the structure the higher the possibility to get the information you are conveying. Make sure to do these:

  • Show one point at a time

  • Avoid wordiness; we want points from you, not words,please. Include the keywords or phrases.

  • Write in point form ,not in full sentences. This is very important,stick to it.

  • 4-5 points a slide. No more, no less.


Most of the students have been asking more questions concerning the fonts to use in a slide presentation. Here is my answer to you all:

  • Use at least an 18 point font.

  • Remember, we have main points and secondary points. Use different fonts to differentiate them.

  • Standard fonts like Times New Roman and Arial are the best to use.

  • Capitalize where necessary, but don’t use capital letters where unnecessary. They are difficult to read.

  • Use a color that contrasts your background.

  • Use a different color to emphasize on main points, though you must be consistent. You only two colors .Not more!

Background & Graphs

  • For the background, you can use the one we have used in our post. It is simple, and appealing too.

  • Use graphs to bring your ideas into life. Avoid charts or more words.

 Spelling and Grammar

Be sure to proof your slides ,and ensure that the grammar used is simple to understand. No ambiguities,please!


Use a strong & effective conclusion. Be sure to wrap up your presentation in the most impressive way possible as this will make your presentation memorable & cool.

Now that you have these secrets, what are you waiting for? Apply them as from today and live the life you deserve. If you want more great stuff like this, subscribe to our email list, and you will never miss an update .


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