Phd proposal
You have started your doctoral journey. How are you feeling? Excitement, at the academic adventure you are about to go on? Dread may be because you remember the matter of your Ph.D. research? Have you thought about a working title yet or the gap in the literature that you intend
Coursework for me
Complete Coursework for Me The life of a student is usually rife with classes that need attending, assignments that need completion and examinations that need to be studied for. On top of these, some lecturers may give coursework that should be done and handed in within a period. This type
1) What is CASI? What advantages and disadvantages does it offer for researchers? 2) Discuss the differences between being an insider and outside when it comes to qualitative research. Which situations lend themselves better to which type of status? 3) Why is it often necessary to supplement field research with