Good Study Habits
Presentations are part of learning. I remember when I was a student ,some years back, how I could feel frustrated when preparing class presentations. Maybe, you are undergoing the same situation now, and you are looking for the place to find some tips. You are in the right place, you’re
You might be residing out of campus, or you have the plan to do so this year. You should not think twice because you’ve made the right decision. As opposed to students who reside on campus, you must be equipped with essential tips as a commuter student. Below are some
Masters Thesis Topic
Most fresh graduates find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to either choosing to continue with their studies or work. I am sure this kind of thought has crossed your mind. It is not you alone. Most students face this challenge. Last week, a student dropped us an email
Joining the college, university or graduate school you like most is one of the best feelings you can ever experience. But before you set your feet to that institution, you must be ready to write attractive application essay, also called admission essay or personal statement or statement of purpose.